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Hilfe Direkt e.V.

Musa Bainda from Hilfe Direkt e.V.:

Musa Bainda, born in 1956, living in the capital city of the Bo District, has been the field officer of Hilfe Direkt from Oldenburg/Germany in Sierra Leona for the past 18 years. After a scholarship based internship in Germany in 1993 the trained banker and hotel manager has been working with Mrs. Bednarek for Hilfe Direkt. He is responsible for the local implementation, supervising and monitoring of their charity projects and serves as the donor for neighboring families and school children. Hilfe Direkt is a charity organization from Oldenburg, Germany which has conducted several successful projects in the small African country. For their dedicated social engagement Mrs. Bednarek even received the German Federal Cross of Merit from the Federal President Horst Köhler on the 4th of December 2009. (Read more about Hilfe Direkt under www.hilfe-direkt.info)

Even though Musa Bainda could have entered politics or just have been a very successful business man (he was born into a prestigious family) he decided for himself to dedicate his life to improve the lives of the poor in his country. Thereby he likes to see himself as the voice of the impoverished people. As a person he is amazingly warm, generous, helpful and always concerned about the well-being of his guests. During their stay in Bo Town Rosi and Ieva assisted with the painting of the walls in his hospital. Hilfe Direkt, with the help of 5 hospitals from Oldenburg, has been building a new hospital for the poor people in Bo Town for the past 6 years. It will be opened on the 14th of November this year.

Since this summer Unlimited Partnership e.V. is in official partnership with Hilfe Direkt.  While Musa Bainda is assisting us with the supervision and implementation of our micro-finance project, we assisted him with the work at the hospital and with the search for help for the child clinic of Betty Tucker (more details under Our Projects).


Henry Ahmed Sannoh: Our Local Loan Officer

Henry Ahmed Sannoh, an English speaking secondary school teacher and the Head of the Department of Agricultural from Bo Town, will act as the responsible local Loan Officer of ULP and will conduct the complete process of the credit distribution. He will monitor the local implementation of the project and will report on a regular basis to the Project Manager of ULP. The past years Mr. Sannoh has constantly aided Musa Bainda with the local implementation of the charity projects of Hilfe Direkt. Due to his commitment to contribute his part in improving the living standards of the local population, Mr Bainda has built a trusting relationship with. Mr. Sannoh. The local loan officer will be working with ULP on a contract binding basis.

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