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CARITAS Freetown

Reverend Peter Koneth from CARITAS Freetown

Rev. Fr. Peter Koneth, is 44 years old and the priest of the Catholic church in Freetown as well as the Executive Director of CARITAS Freetown. As was mentioned earlier the contact to him was facilitated by the German pediatrist Dr. Elisabeth Klett. Whenever we were in Freetown we were hosted at his house as well as at his children’s home St Mary’s during our time in Bo Town.

During our time in Sierra Leone we did enter an official Partnership with the church in Freetown/CARITAS Freetown. Since then CARTIAS Freetown has been supporting our micro-finance training through the provision of trainings for our micro-finance women. Our projects in Sierra Leone are running under the umbrella of CARITAS. One of the great benefits out of it is that this way could avoid to pay a registration fee of 3000 US-Dollar (legal obligation!)for our charity organization. Despite our partnership, Unlimited Partnership e. V. remains an independent NGO. In return for their assistance we agreed to help them to find school, - and university sponsorships for the children of St. Mary as well as to facilitate volunteers for the orphanage and the hospitals which are run by Peter and CARITAS.

As a person, Peter just like Musa is a very warm, generous, extremely hospitable, always funny and a humorous person. A short while ago Peter was offered to become a bishop. However he did reject the offer since he preferred to keep his focus on development work which he is most committed to. Just as Musa he wants to remain the voice of the poor people.

Read more about CARITAS Freetown under: www.caritasfreetown.org

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