unlimited partnership e.V.
What we do

Unlimited Partnership e.V. helps people in some of the poorest and most devasted countries in the world, especially these with a recent history of conflict where  economic recovery and social stabilization is urgently needed. Unlimited Partnership e.V. offers amongst others financial loans, business training and guidance to individuals in the most affected areas and thus enables them to start their own self-sufficient businesses. This strategy, usually dubbed as microfinance is a revolutionary method of helping people in a sustainable way (up to now, money sent to developing countries often ended up financing armies or in the pockets of wealthy officials). This idea originated with Mohammad Yunus, a Nobel Prize Winner in 2006, and was implemented with excellent results in  many countries all over the world. The history of microfinance shows that the loan repayment rate is around 98%. If any of the women (because microfinance usually targets women) fails to repay the loan, the microfinance institution in this case Unlimited Partnership e.V. - takes over the responsibility. Microfinance is the only way which helps  developing countries boost their own economic growth and a pathway out  of dependency on foreign assistance.

Equally important for the development of a particular post-conflict country is the assistance with the re-development of its education sector. Helping  to secure as broad reception of education as possible, Unlimited  Partnership e.V. supports the construction and the appropriate equipment of schools, the placement of school sponsorships (hereby donors pay the schooling fees for a child in a developing country) as well as basic business know-how training in relation to the allocation of  microcredits.

Ultimately, no permanent change can become true without people in developed countries having an appropriate and up-to-date information and without  them feeling the need to help to their partners people in developing  countries. This is why Unlimited Partnership e.V. is commited to  raising awareness about the challenges the post-conflict countries face  and about the most effective strategies to help them. Unlimited Partnership e.V. publishes timely articles and project reports.

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