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Mediation of volunteers for Projects in Sierra Leone/ West Africa

Who can be a volunteer?

Applications are open to everybody!

However, you should be at least 18 years old at the time of applying and the duration of your volunteer stay should ideally not be shorter than a minimum of 3 months.

Besides that anyone can be a volunteer! No matter whether you just graduated from high school, you are on your summer break from university, if you seek a gap year abroad willing to dedicate time to disadvantaged people in need or if you are in the middle of your career and interested to engage in charity during your vocation, you are all welcome to participate. Regarding the hospitals we for obvious reasons primarily seek volunteers with background in the medical field such as nurses, doctors, physiotherapists, medical students, paramedics etc.

Our volunteer projects in Sierra Leone

  1. St. Mary’s Orphanage

    The children's home St. Mary's was established by Rev. Fr. Peter Konteh during the civil war in Sierra Leone and is up to today taken care of by him. Rev. Fr. is thus like a father to the currently 38 children of St. Mary’s and adores them like his own children. Most children at St. Mary's are war orphans who have lost their parents during the war. In some cases the children were also taken up after the war, either because their families were unable to attend to their needs or because the parents died without any next of kin left who could have taken care of them. The various tasks of a volunteer at the orphanage include among others supporting the children with their homework, attending the children’s most immediate needs, organizing games, etc. Every volunteer thereby is encouraged to be creative as to how he or she can make an additional contribution for the children!

  2. Serabu Hospital

    The Serabu hospital was completely destroyed during the civil war which raged in the country for 11 years. When the war came to an end, it was rebuilt step by step by CARITAS Freetown under the responsibility of Rev. Fr. Peter Konteh. However Sierra Leone still lacks sufficient medical personnel. Because of this we highly appreciate any volunteer at the Serabu clinic or in one of the other hospitals in Freetown.

  3. Gila’s Children and Community hospital

    This hospital is located in the second largest city, namely Bo town. Opened in 2011, Gila’s Children and Community serves the rural community trying to achieve the best hospital status in the country
    • The hospital is part of the Germany NGO Hilfe Direct e.V. activities and mostly needs qualified personal in following areas:
    • Medical staff (doctors, specialized nurses);
    • Project management (with experience, strong networking and fundraising skills);
    • Communication and public relations (with strong focus on social media);
    • Local and international fundraising. It is possible to carry out this position from your respective home country;

  4. Micro finance (MF) project

    unlimited partnership e.V. entered the country with a MF program in 2011 initially providing funds to 46 women. The program has grown to currently 63 participants including a bakery project in its pilot phase. All activities take place in Telu Bongo village, a rural place in the jungle 14 km from Bo city. Volunteers can support this project in the following areas:
    • Management, know-how assistance to the local loan officer;
    • PR and media coverage (local and international position);
    • Anthropological observation and reports on socio-economic progress in Telu Bongo village;
    • Fundraising (international position);
    • Project supervision (local and international position);

  5. Self-organized activity

    We are open to new initiatives and projects supporting local development in the area of education and the economy. unlimited partnership e.V. will be happy to assist you with our local network and know-how. Please present your idea on a 5-7 page document indicating the concrete project goals, the activity plan and the time frame and we will do our best to assist you in our best capacity.

Advantages of being a volunteer

  • Your volunteer stay can be accredited as an internship if necessary
  • You will gain insight into a new culture and can thus benefit not only yourself but also let the locals gain an insight into your own culture
  • You learn to understand how much your help is appreciated and how you a small effort on your behalf can make a big difference in the lives of disadvantaged and impoverished people.

Why us?

  • In comparison to most other organizations we only charge 150 €! This fee will ONLY be dedicated to our humanitarian projects in Sierra Leone
  • Flexibility: You decide when and for how long you to want to participate in our projects. Your help will always be needed!
  • Many of our members have already undertaken voluntary work abroad themselves and can thus advise and give you feedback at any time
  • Experience: Our partner organizations have taken care of volunteers for years and can be contacted by you at any time

For further information please read our FAQ for volunteering in Sierra Leone document here.

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