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Micro Finance in Telu

Our micro finance project in Telu

Project news

When we first implemented the Micro-Finance Project in September 2011 we distributed loans to 46 women with a loan seize of 35-50 Euros. At that time we had two major goals in mind. Firstly, we were hoping that most women would repay their loans on a regular basis in order to see those women dedication to our project. Secondly, we were hoping that in the long term that at some point the women will be able to have enough income and an understanding of the necessity to support basic education for their children. read more...

The projectstart

At the beginning of the implementation process all applicants answered about 25 questions related to their family structure, health, schooling, challenges and problems in life etc. Thereby the aim was to get an idea about the candidates and to determine their suitability for a micro-credit. After we had completed the interviewing process in cooperation with our local partners and the chiefs of the village within a few days, i we finally selected 46 women out of 70. read more...

For further pictures concerning our Microcredit Project in Telu please visit our public photo album on facebook.

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