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Matoke school project

The ‘Matoke’ school project- how it all started

In February 2013 Christa Gromotka and Barbara Böhne, the managers of the projects in Uganda, travelled to Uganda staying at the African Village Hotel of Vision which is situated about 50km away from Kampala. Initially the two women merely wanted to visit the children whose schooling they sponsor in order to receive information about their educational and health conditions.

In a village named Kjyunga Christa and Barbara met Annet Nakigudde, a school teacher, who was providing education to a handful of students in a provisionary shack under very impoverished conditions. Based on that the two German women decided to help and within two weeks they, together with the help of Annet and local workers, built a school out of cement and with a rooftop.

Upon their return home Barbara and Christa told their friends and families about the newly established school, which earned them so much respect and support that since then they were able to build a proper school building with doors, windows, chairs, blackboard, toilets and a 5000 liters barrel for rain water. Added to that they were able to provide the children with school uniforms. Since March 2013 in 6 rooms, about 130 children aged 5 to 14 receive formal school education ever since.

Future Plans

However, many necessities are still missing which is why Unlimited Partnership is seeking the support of donors for the projects in Uganda. In the near future Unlimited Partnership intends to repair a water well that is located near the school in order to provide clean drinking water, to build accommodation facilities for the school’s teachers in order to protect them from domestic abuse and to finance the maintenance of the school.
Whenever children are unable to pay the schooling fee that in essence covers the costs for a lunch and educational materials, Annet is forced to send the children back home, because with the schooling fee her school charges she does not only have to pay the other teachers but also manage her own livelihood.

Unlimited Partnership is looking for individuals who are interest to assume school sponsorships for those children whose families are unable to pay the schooling fee, and thus enable these children to obtain a scholarly education.

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