unlimited partnership e.V.

M.A. Political Science, Economics and Intercultural Communication

Ina is a communicative, multilingual and experienced graduate student.  She gained comprehensive knowledge about different cultures since she grew  up and studied in the USA as well as in Europe. Studies in Intercultural Communication have further expanded her cultural sensibility and  awareness. In addition to this, she gained a valuable insight into the  international politics and diplomacy as well as research methods during her work experience at the European Parliament in Brussels and at the  DGAP e.V., one of the leading German foreign affairs think tanks in Berlin. She has also knowledge of Security and Crisis Management which  she attained during her work at BMW Group AG. Here she was able to expand her contact network in international business and politics and her skills in project  management. She is working on her Ph.D. in international security studies and works for a large German OEM.

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