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Uganda- information about the country and its people

Uganda with its capital Kampala is in East Africa. It is bordered, on the north by the Sudan, on the east by Kenya, and on the south by Tanzania and Rwanda and on the west by Congo. More than 50% of the country’s population are younger than 14 years and life expectancy is around 52 years.
Since the constitutional changes in September 2005, English ynd Swahili are Uganda’s official languages. However, around 40 more different African languages are spoken throughout the country.
Approximately 85 percent of Uganda’s population are Christians, the rest believes in Islam or African natural religions.
Uganda’s economy mainly consists of agriculture. About 80 percent of the population depend on farming as the main source of income. Uganda’s main export products are therefore coffee, tea, tobacco and other fruit and vegetable products. However, Uganda is severely affected by climate change which puts not only the cultivation of coffee and other agriculture products of Uganda at risk, but as well the merely survival of its population.
Uganda belongs to the poorest countries of the world. According to the Human Development Index of the UN where Uganda ranks 161 out of 186, Uganda belongs to the category of “the least developing countries”. Additionally, the situation of Uganda’s population is exacerbated by its low economy growth and high population growth.

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