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The Problem of Education

Only those who have seen with their own eyes are able to picture under what impoverished circumstances most children in Uganda are growing up. Most single mothers hardly have the money to pay their familiy’s livelihood and financial means to pay for their children’s education is often out of the questions. On top of that there are thousands of orphans, whose parents died of different diseases. In some cases relatives provide them with a new home, however whenever there are no relatives they are forced to live on the streets without any governmental support.

Even though school education is compulsory in Uganda since 1997 many children are still unable to attend school. Due to the relatively high number of children in Uganda governmental schools do not have the capacity to provide education for every child. As a result it is often the case in primary schools that a six year old is attending the same class as a ten year old does.

Furthermore, due to the limited number of places available in governmental schools a lot of private schools that are continuously fighting for their survival did emerge in recent years. Despite the rampant poverty however, one can hear a lot of laughter in schools and while teachers are very friendly children tend to be very disciplined and industrious according to Christa Gromotka’s testimony. In Uganda, just like in many other countries, it is customary for children to wear school uniforms. However, this adds to the financial hardship of families who have to provide the financial means for it.


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