unlimited partnership e.V.

M.A. Spanish, Psychology, Sociology, with focus on Conflict Theories

In 2007 Bertolt worked in Sierra Leone, on a project with the local NGO KAWDA, fighting against FGM. During his stay, he noticed how ineffective and sometimes even counterproductive traditional development aid can  be. Because of this experience he joined Unlimited Partnership. He thinks that in development aid, it is very important to open opportunities for self-empowerment to the local communities, while at the same time demanding responsible action from them. This is the reason why he believes that the central objectives of Unlimited Partnership (education and financial empowerment of individual initiative) are an  important contribution to the development of Sierra Leone. Through various internships in numerous NGO and various countries (e.g. Konkrete Hilfe für Ecuador, Germanwatch, Intermón Oxfam, Murcia Acoge) and voluntary work at political and non-political level (e.g. Green Party  Youth, AEGEE) he was able to obtain insight into the works and methods  of different actors of the civil society and gain experience in the  different aspects of developmental/educational political work. His  studies complete his knowledge in the field with a specialisation in  Sociology and Psychology on theories dealing with Conflict, and more specifically Conflict Prevention and Resolution.

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